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Emberynus The Dragonslayer

*Abner reenters*

New Question: Would your character rather lose the one person most important to them, or lose everyone else they love?

Me: someone else start this time. . . Abner just got back.

Francis: I guess I’ll go. . . Uh. . . I think I’d rather lose everything else. . .

Phoenix: *slips out of the room* Bye Guys. . . I may send someone in my place, but I can’t handle it in here anymore.

Skye: I’d rather lose everything thing else. As long as I’ve got the thing that matters the most, nothing else matters at all.

Judah: *looks at the floor* I-I don’t know. . .

Abner: *stares downward with a very sober expression* I think. . . I’ll lose the person most important. . . to lose everyone else I care about-again. . . too many people would have to die. . . I- *looks at Megyn* *looks at the floor again* I- don’t- I can’t- *looks at me with tears and a desperate look in his eyes* please- I can’t answer this question.

Me: I understand. . . *hugs Abner* Hector?

Hector: I don’t know. . . I would tend to agree with the first part of what Abner said but-




Sold souls and dead promises

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