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R.M. Archer

Also, as you pointed out, a made-up world has made-up laws of nature. I suppose I’m just concerned about making sure there is a clear distinction between depicting my fictional magic, and the demonic ‘magic’ that is declared sinful in the Bible.

I think this is generally pretty doable just through showing it in the context of your world. Just mentioning that certain characters were born with magical abilities, or hinting at how magic works (in one of my worlds–which is actually sciantasy rather than pure fantasy; it’s set far in the future–magic is more of a living organism permeating the atmosphere, which occasionally chooses human hosts, thus granting them super-human abilities. I haven’t necessarily stated that that’s how it works, but it’s particularly strongly hinted at in the later books of the series when “magic” is being exploited and manually given to people, and it’s a very genetic/biology-related thing (though in very un-sciency terms, because I’ve never been a very sciency person. XD). That excessively long explanation to say: just showing/hinting at how your world works will often help clarify things for your readers. 🙂

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