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Abigail Rebekah


Yeah…that makes sense. 🙂

I love his books too. They are super cool xD

John J. Horn writes historical fiction, and Hope Ann writes fantasy. I really love their books.

Cool xD The only place I’ve been to outside of NZ is the States. We went as a family a few years ago for three months. I think we went to about eleven or twelve different states. It was sooo fun. I definitely want to go back sometime in my life 🙂

I would love to travel around Europe. It would be soo cool to visit all the castles and historical places there. My mum and dad are both British so I would really like to go to England.



IKR!!!! It is a super beautiful place…apart from all the hobbits and weird creatures lol.

Just kidding…at least we don’t have any snakes or poisonous spiders 😉



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