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Thank you both for your replies! I really appreciate it 🙂

So something I feel both of you are stressing very much is that the way in which magic is represented is more important than whether or not it is present in the story. This to me makes sense: it’s a pretty nice parallel with real-word ‘grey areas’, in which the heart behind a matter is often much more important than the actual matter itself.

Also, as you pointed out, a made-up world has made-up laws of nature. I suppose I’m just concerned about making sure there is a clear distinction between depicting my fictional magic, and the demonic ‘magic’ that is declared sinful in the Bible.

But if we create a window that opens our readers minds to the seduction of the darkness that does exist… I believe this is playing with fire.

What ways do you suggest for ensuring that we don’t lead others into sin with our writing? I suppose that’s making it a rather broad question but I do think it’s really important to address. Obviously, as writers, we want to represent the world in a realistic, accessible way and that often includes depicting darkness and evil. So what do you do to make sure you’re not causing a fellow, possibly less mature, believer to stumble?

With magic I assume that would include precautions like not incorporating detailed step-by-step rituals or spells?

Thanks for your replies!

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