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R.M. Archer

what are the reasons why we find it okay to write about magic? Because it’s fiction and thus an entirely new world? Because it’s not meant to be like our world and not bound to our world’s laws? Even though ‘magic’ in ‘real-life’ is associated with demon worship etc?

Personally, my answer to this is just “yes.” In fantasy, it’s a completely separate world and thus doesn’t have the same source by default. Obviously, in the real world, power is either from God or from Satan. (That’s a little imprecise, since everything was created and is overseen/allowed/etc. by God so technically it’s not from Satan, but the phrasing works for these purposes. :P) It’s either good or it’s bad, and evil magic cannot be good. In a fantasy world, though, we the authors get to decide what magic’s source is. In most of my worlds it’s a natural part of the world, to be harnessed for good or for evil, more of a science and a tool than what real-world magic is (supernatural and spiritual), just something we don’t have on earth. Personally, I think that’s the safest way to portray it.

But I do think it can be beneficial to show more real-world magic (very, very carefully) to illustrate the difference between light and dark, too, it’s just something I think should be prayed over extensively and done with a lot of care to portray it truthfully and expose it as what it is.

And I think that with both approaches there’s a measure of personal preference and conviction. Beyond the facts that the Bible should be the basis for our decision and we shouldn’t glorify the sort of demonic magic that exists in the real world, I don’t think there’s a completely one-size-fits-all approach to writing magic in fiction.

But I’m also really interested to hear what others think. 🙂

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