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Leon Fleming


““…I understand my own BELIEF…”-You: You call (this) your OWN BELIEF. Are you speaking about Christianity? If it is your own belief, then you are professing to be a Christian. But above you said that you don’t define yourself as a Christian.”

So you’re saying that (again, using “your” and “my” just for the sake of being less confusing) your definition of a Christian is someone who believes the correct doctrine, believes in God, and that Jesus is his son? (I’m not disbelieving you here, just wanna make sure I’m not getting the wrong idea)

By this, I was pointing out and wondering why you said what you said. 🙂

I understand what you say here. And I agree, to some extent. But we believe that if man adds at all to the Bible (or worship) it’s wrong to do so. Even if it might be done with good intentions. (Now, I’m not saying that there isn’t the possibility that the Bible we (me and my family) use is completely wrong, and so we’re all in error. I’m not saying that I know for a fact that ours is true and nobody else’s is. Because I don’t.)

Yea, it’s VERY wrong to do so. John MacArthur DOES NOT ADD to the Bible. It is a commentary. Take one verse. You read it then look down the page at the heading for the “comment” on that note. He does not add his own opinions (I think; he may, but to some extent). He shows verses that relate to the meaning of that particular verse. Verses of the Bible all together in a rope-ish form (metaphor here), that all are promoting something; this is called a doctrine. That is what he shows in the commentary.

This really helps when trying to learn and figure out something. 🙂

I can see that neither one of us is going to back down from our respective sides here. And I think it would be foolishness to carry this on any further. (Please don’t think I’ve ignored everything you’ve said. I’ve taken it all into consideration, and it’s been useful to me. But neither one of us is going to be able to say anything (I don’t think) that’ll make the other person change their mind.) So, with all due respect, if we could go ahead and close this down pretty quickly, that would be great

Yea, I think you’ve got a point here. Just to be fresh: where are we disagreeing? Besides with the posting of verses, of course. 🙂