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Livi Ryddle


“Btw, it really isn’t MY definition. I am a Christian based on my doctrine that I believe in. Based upon the Bible. People call themselves Christians but not all the time that is true. You can’t believe everything you hear, you know? My point being, a Christian is not just any person. A Christian is someone who repents and believes the gospel. Afterward, they are transformed and their life is totally and wholly different. They live for Him. They are His tools. They stand out in the world; the Bible says that they will.”

Yeah, I understand. But I’m calling it “your” and “my” for the sake of hopefully being less confusing lol.

““…I understand my own BELIEF…”-You: You call (this) your OWN BELIEF. Are you speaking about Christianity? If it is your own belief, then you are professing to be a Christian. But above you said that you don’t define yourself as a Christian.”

So you’re saying that (again, using “your” and “my” just for the sake of being less confusing) your definition of a Christian is someone who believes the correct doctrine, believes in God, and that Jesus is his son? (I’m not disbelieving you here, just wanna make sure I’m not getting the wrong idea)

“Very nice, and I see your point, which indeed has merit. But I shall still post verses on here and direct quotations when I feel the need. Not that I’m completely ignoring your statement. I’m acknowledging it. But I feel that it is my duty to show where one should go to look at this.”

*nods* And that’s fine 🙂

“On your topic that you presented on versions of the Bible, I wouldn’t say that there is an English Bible that is a total and complete translation of the original Greek Bible. I would agree with you there. But. This does not mean that the King James version is a good version. My first Bible was given to me one Christmas when I was younger, around 5. It was a New King James. The King James versions are much simpler that other versions. I now see that. I have a NASB (New American Standard Bible). But, it’s a study Bible (by John MacArthur). It has the actual Bible with a commentary on the bottom. The commentary is very helpful and I trust John MacArthur because of his fruit. What he has done by faith. Not works alone. But works by faith in Christ. (That’s another realm to explore! Many people go by what they’ve done and what they’ve accomplished and they boast in this. But the Bible says that we should only boast in God. And what this means for Christians is that after they repent and believe, they are clothed in righteousness (as quoted above) and are new creations in Him. Christians are to obey Him, and we obey Him through works BY faith. And not of ourselves, but to Him be the glory.) Anyway, John MacArthur has show fruit (we are living trees (Psalm 1), and Christ is our soil and sun. Thus, what we produce will be of the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. These are shown in him by His faith in God.”

I understand what you say here. And I agree, to some extent. But we believe that if man adds at all to the Bible (or worship) it’s wrong to do so. Even if it might be done with good intentions. (Now, I’m not saying that there isn’t the possibility that the Bible we (me and my family) use is completely wrong, and so we’re all in error. I’m not saying that I know for a fact that ours is true and nobody else’s is. Because I don’t.)

I can see that neither one of us is going to back down from our respective sides here. And I think it would be foolishness to carry this on any further. (Please don’t think I’ve ignored everything you’ve said. I’ve taken it all into consideration, and it’s been useful to me. But neither one of us is going to be able to say anything (I don’t think) that’ll make the other person change their mind.) So, with all due respect, if we could go ahead and close this down pretty quickly, that would be great 🙂


“Haha! Yeah, me too!” 😀


Neither of those, actually. I just can’t switch between them very fast at all. I try, and I’ve practiced it a lot, but I just can’t. It isn’t because I can’t move my hand/fingers fast, because I can do it just fine on the piano. I’ve just kinda accepted that guitar isn’t for me XD

Thank you! Yes, he is!! 😀 We might can arrange that sometime 😉 Ah, ok. *nods*

My library has the whole series, so it’s not like I can’t check them out and read them, but I love having my favorite books to myself XD *nods* I found some of them at one of Houston’s HPBs, but I was getting some other books then and didn’t have enough for them and the RA books…

Aww! He sounds so cute! I used to have a little bantam rooster named Miguel. He was a d’Anvers. He ended up drowning in the water bucket actually. 🙁

😀 I’ll have to check those out sometime!

“When I was… a young boy… my father… took me into the city…” 😛 I’ve listened to that one a few times. I don’t usually feel emo enough for that song tho XD

XD I love lasagna!

*nods* nice, nice!

*nods again* I don’t own very much black clothing. *my closet glares at me, and chunks all my black outfits in my face* Ok, ok, lemme rephrase that… I don’t own much black clothing that I actually wear. I have a couple black t-shirts, but the rest is mostly dressy stuff like skirts and dresses. My favorite color is green (which looks really nice on me, along with oranges and browns), so I wear that a lot. HOODIES ARE AWESOME


But yes. Hoodies and leather jackets are amazing. I don’t look good in leather jackets though. People either do, or they don’t..There’s not really an in-between.

We don’t have one where we live… 🙁 I’ve never been to one. I’ll have to keep an eye out though! (is it someplace that’s only in a particular state/city?)

Noice. Very! I especially like the last one.

*nods* I’ve never seen any of those but Princess Bride. I LOVE the LOTR books though!

Ha, so funny story here. I actually haven’t used a bow that fits me since I was 10, with one of those training bow thingies. Last year, Daddy found a bow for me to practice with, but it was too small, so I couldn’t really use it. He’s gonna see if I can pull the weight on Mama’s bow this year. (I have no clue what kind it is… As much as I enjoy archery, I dunno even what brands of bows there are…)

oooOOOHHH those sound so good…. I’m gonna have to make them for breakfast tomorrow… XD Thank youuuu!!


“Enough! Be quiet! I can’t hear myself think! I can’t hear my teeth chatter!"

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