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Knowledgeful Butterfly

I blinked at the black-haired man.

“I-I don’t know h-ow,” my voice cracked at the last syllable, causing me to shutter up my voice. Sander raised an eyebrow.

“Maybe stealing those Crown Jewels?”

I furrowed my eyebrows at him, reopening my mouth, “For your information, when i was taken, i was stealing the Crown of Ahkenaten. In Egypt. The Crown Jewels are in London, for your information, not in Egypt. My ward’s father had to travel there and i just couldn’t pass up giving her some good training time.”

Jackson’s mouth hung open, and the women just stared at me. I pulled the blanket tighter around my arms.

“I also have gold in my backpack that i want back.”

i could've gone outside to take a walk, but i know that i wouldn't've come back

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