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Livi Ryddle

@w-o-holmes “I’m not pushing this in your face and telling and demanding that you are very wrong and all that.”    *nods* No, no. I get it. And perhaps I am wrong, and/or don’t understand completely what I’ve been taught by my parents and all. And I will try my best to not turn this into a full-fledged argument 😛 But I would like to know what your definition of “Christian” is. Because either we have different definitions (which could likely be the case), or I don’t fully understand my congregation’s definition (which could also likely be the case). And again, I don’t want to argue with anybody, and please don’t feel like this is an argument. I simply want to make sure I understand you, and you understand me. And, of course, I want to make sure I understand my own belief, so if you end up asking a question I can’t answer, this will help me get a list of things to ask my parents 🙂

As a side note, and one that I don’t particularly wish to make any more specific comments on (since we’re supposed to avoid strife if at all possible), since we use different “versions” of the Bible, there will be things we have different views on (I was pleased to read that we have the same view on the correct way to be baptized, however). As I said, I don’t want to make any specific comments. But just so we both realize that we are each going to probably have at least some views that we each stick to and defend. (And I would also like to note that I don’t wish to argue over which “version” of all the “versions” out there is the correct, true, unaltered Bible. And I, myself, am going to refrain from quoting scripture, for the reason that a verse in mine may not be the same as a verse in yours, and so we could end up confusing each other even more. (please note that I’m not saying you shouldn’t have been quoting it, I’m just saying that it may be better to just say something along the lines of: “Somewhere it says that {insert lesson here}. It’s probably in {insert book here}”))

I think that’s all I have for now, until you reply.

You’re welcome! (languages)

I LOVE the smell of coffee… If someone could die from smelling it too much (like I do with vanilla when I’m cooking. I’ll just sit there and smell it XD ), I would gladly die that way.. (joking)

Nice to meet you, too! 😀

Thanks! I don’t have a preference, but I usually introduce myself as Anne, so to avoid confusion amongst (is that how you spell it??) those who know me as Anne, you could call me that! Ok! I’ll probably end up calling you Tashah, since it’s in your tag 🙂

*nods* I’ll probably try that. We have a coffee-maker (none of my family drink it besides a couple aunts, we just have it in case of company) so I can make it whenever. Also my mom has a recipe (that’s REALLY good) for homemade chocolate syrup that turns into more like fudge when you refrigerate it. So I’ll probably use that 😛

Yes! I’m working on the outline of a short story at the moment. I’ve tried to do novels a couple times, but IT TAKES SO LONG AND I DON’T HAVE THE PATIENCE!!!

*coughs* ahem.

I’m going to post about it when I get more details worked out, but the basic idea is there’s this girl, a witche. (yes, with an “e” on the end. “Witche” is feminine, “witch” is masculine or gender-neutral) (also, “witch” is a very broad term. It covers everybody from a midwife who’s really good with medicinal herbs, to the stereotypical old ladies on broomsticks with black hats and creepy cats in the window) And anyway, she stumbles upon this owl who’s been sent to ask for help, because there’s this kingdom that’s always been suspicious of owls (because reasons), and the owls have now been blamed for these kidnappings that are going on, and long story short, this girl has to capture the bad guys who’ve been kidnapping these kids and clear the owls’ names. (Now, before you toss this aside as a cutesy little kids’ story like my cousin did, it’s going to be written for teen/young adult, so it shouldn’t be cutesy and boring XD)

I write poetry (you can check out the couplet war going on over in the poetry discussions, under the thread name “I HAVE A POETIC CHALLENGE” or something like that), short stories (never non-fiction: too many boundaries), and I have tried the occasional novel, but I need something that I can finish rather quickly, because I run out of content ideas too soon to write a whole novel.

No, no! I love questions! (And I love asking them!)

Favorite music genre? Oh gee… I really dunno XD I like pop, rock, some k-pop… Country, r&b… Lots!!

Band/artist? Again, a lot! Shawn Mendes, Home Free, Panic! At The Disco (some of his songs aren’t clean, so be careful..), and a bunch of others. I also have a bunch of random songs that I love, but I don’t care for any of that artist’s other songs.

Do you play music? Piano and (a little) guitar. I need to practice more, but THERE’S NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY AAAHHHH

*coughs* ahem.

Do art (any medium)? Yes! I’m not very good, but I mainly do pencil/ink. My “style” is kinda a mix of manga/anime/(sometimes)chibi, and something random.

Favorite author? HARD QUESTION AAAAHHH   ok well I really like Tolkien. And John Flanagan, Joseph Delaney, Rick Riordan, Edgar Allen Poe, S.S. Taylor… and @wordsmith 😛 (no, but really. I’ve read quite a bit of his stuff and it’s awesome)

Favorite book? HARD HARD HARD AAAAHHHH   umm… Lord of The Rings is awesome. The Hobbit is awesome. The “The Ranger’s Apprentice” series is awesome.

Any pets/animals? Yes! A cat (she’s a stray that we’ve had since she showed up at our house about five years ago), two dogs (a Great Pyrenees, and a mutt who showed up last month), a turkey, some ducks (nine, I think), and chickens (I think 25-ish). Not sure what all breeds of birds we have… I know we have some barred rocks, a buff orpington, and a couple cochins. And the ducks are Pekings and Khaki Campbells. The rest are either mutts or some other breed that I don’t remember. But they’re beautiful 😀 😀


I’ve gotta go eat lunch now before I starve, but I’ll come back later and ask some questions of my own XD

“Enough! Be quiet! I can’t hear myself think! I can’t hear my teeth chatter!"