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Leon Fleming


Thanks, I give to thee, my friend

Of written lays that have no end

Of thought, of depth, of possible

Ideas that could be written down. 

Your’s too, it truly, a work of art

And though I wouldn’t praise mine so

Your’s is too of the clouds, the gold

Though maybe more the falling cold;

The waters falling, sunset glint

These glorious meanderings. 

But still more glorious is the King

Who made all things so beautifully.

To Him I give my gratitude

In Him eternally I place

My faith bestowed upon me by

His Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord. 

I think these rhymes that we have writ

And so contrived of all our “wit”

Should so be set, continuous

A poem they are for ongoing

The conversation wielded

By us upon a poem’s rhyme.

——-Very nice couplet you’ve made there!


Even while you write your thought

A couplet made, a couplet wrought.

Very nice your’s, too!