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Leon Fleming


I’m sorry that you were emotionally distressed enough to write it!

Ok, this is hilarious!! *ahem* (guffawing in the backround) Oh, um. (chortle) Sorry, there! Kinda deep and far out…(leaving the arena in spasms of laughter!!!) no comment…no, really…not like I’m serious or anything…?


I shall take into account your very personal opinions. *appearing dignified and strutting about like a rooster*

Let me enlighten you! “Wherewith” is an archaic word meaning ‘with, or by which’. It would not be used in modern poetry because many people’s vocabularies these days are largely different from those of older days. Savvy? Once you know what it is, you’ll (I think, I’m pretty sure) see that it fits. It may seem out of place because there are seemingly two words just smashed into one, but trust me, it’s a definable word.

Bliss…reminds be of Mr Bliss by J.R.R. Tolkien. Your opinion would depend on how you’ve heard it growing up until now. You’ve heard it one way, and I’ve heard it another way. *shrugs shoulders* Sorry, kid, I don’t know what to tell you. 🙂

*bows* Thank you! Thank you! Thanky! Thank yee, again! No, really! You go too far! (eyes up in the corner) *ahem* Checks can go to my secretary…you really shouldn’t puff me up; it’ll get to my head. XD!! Kidding.

Yes, I have. *glances around* But they rejected it because they wanted me to make some changes that I ultimately didn’t want make and didn’t make. Oh well…better luck next time, I guess. Shall I post the poem on here for critique?

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