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Knowledgeful Butterfly

The door started to creak, and suddenly the metal ripped from it’s hinges and everyone stumbled out of the cell. One of the group broke off and dashed to a girl on the ground. I turned to my creature friend, “No, i’m not american. I’m from japan, but i went to Yale for linguistics. I now work for interpol. You can call me Rio.”

Sanders nodded from his superior height. I turned to the door as he focused on his friends, hopping to try and see out the window. The only flashes i saw were ominous, and soon, the door was yanked open and i was pulled out of the room.

The time i was out and away from the others was short and quiet, but i felt a lot of chemicals flowing into my body. I was shivering by the time they finished and shoved me back inside the old room, with only the warmth of a plush blanket wrapped around me.

i blinked, trying to revive my senses from the trauma they received. My sight came back, albeit blurry at first, and i glimpsed Sanders standing next to his friend–Jackson, i think? The smell of the metal came at me fast, and i knew that my knees were weakening.

What i wasn’t ready for, though, was the possibility i might lose one of my senses. When the voices and yelling and general chaos didn’t coalesce into a sound, i sorta started to freak out.

i could've gone outside to take a walk, but i know that i wouldn't've come back

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