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Veraza Winterknight

Rune glanced around before dashing from the edge of the village and into the forest. He stopped a short ways in. Fang and Claw padded out of the underbrush to meet him. Fang purr-growled. Rune shook his head, grimacing. “No sign of the Wolfborn. Not here. We’ll have to keep moving.” He turned. Then tenses.

Movement came from the underbrush on his right. And more, on his left. He slowly crouched into a fighting stance, letting his hand drift to his dagger. Fang and Claw prowled next to him, staring into the bushes where the movement sounded from. They yowled and leapt just as nets shot out, entangling them in midair. Rune jumped out of the way just as another net landed where he had been standing. He rolled back to his feet.

Two men wearing strange clothes strode out of the greenery. Rune frowned. Shrieking skies, what were they wearing? And what where they holding? Strange metal things he didn’t like the looks of. One of the men stopped by the panthers, checking the nets. They tried to scratch him through the rope. The other one advanced on Rune.

Rune ran at him, drawing his dagger as he went. The man lifted his metal thing. Something barreled out of it. Rune ducked into a slide. The man pointed the metal thing at him again. Something shot out again. Rune couldn’t dodge again in time. It sank into his arm. He stared at it. It appeared to be some sort of dart with liquid in it. Then darkness took over his vision and he collapsed.

(Rune will be taken to the cages, but the panthers will be taken to a cell.)

"You can dance with my henchman."

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