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Rainy Emily

Would your character rather lose their sight, their hearing, or their legs?

Sander: Definitely sight. My other scenes are so strong they would make up for the unreliable sight.

Erin: Sight. The world is so graphic.

Jackson: Legs. I can handle sitting in a wheelchair.

Would your character rather suddenly be able to play cello, piano, or flute like a pro?

Erin: I have always liked the deepness of the cello.

Sander: Flute.

Jackson: Playing the piano like a pro looks cool!

Lily: You guys are all so different.

Erin: Well, look who decided to show up!

Jackson: Hello Lily..my lily?

Erin: Choose one, Lily!

Jackson: fingers crossed. Say piano. Say piano.

Lily: I like the flute.

Sander: I can teach you how to play.

Jackson: Drat.

Lily: Sander, I already know how to play.

Jackson: I want to change me vote!

Erin: To late…

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