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Knowledgeful Butterfly

oh oh!

i’m adding in a new charrie


Her name is Saito Rio, and she’s a basic spy/thief/consultant

she’s on the doc


I lowered upside down from my rope that was being fed down from the conveniently placed skylight. The crown of Akhenaten was just out of my reach. I wanted to call up to Rosie to lower me a couple of centimeters, but there were sound detectors in the large atrium, and yelling or whispering would set them off like an avalanche.

I stretched, my back popping and the fabric of my catsuit complaining. My fingers grasped the edge of the ancient crown, and i lifted it up swiftly, giving a loud whistle that both set off the alarm and warned Rosie to raise me up. The rope tugged at my waist and i clutched the crown to my chest as i watched the guards filter in. they didn’t even try to catch me as i slid the skylight shut and shuffled over to the solid roof.

A little girl, she was around ten now, beamed up at me, “Didja get it?”

I pulled the crown away from my chest and set it in her outstretched hands, “Yahtzee.”

Pulling my shoulder bag up and over my head, i pushed Rosie over to the ladder leading to the ground, “You go to the embassy and hand that over to Levi. Tell him i went out for a skate.”

Rosie nodded with a huge grin on her face. After she left, i changed my clothes to my favorite greenish sweatpants and crop top that read “f(x) tho”, and climbed off the roof. I pulled my skateboard out of the bushes and threw it on the ground, starting to kick off. After a few minutes of gliding on a sidewalk, i finally found somebody  walking.

It was a man, with a suit and fedora on. I couldn’t see his face in the dark, but i saw the bulge of a wallet and went for it.

I received a throbbing wrist, a trip, and a prick.

I was able to hold onto my skateboard as i faded into darkness.


I woke up in a cage, cursing like a sailor.

Sitting up quickly, i took an assessment of what i had on me. Clothes–obvi–my hair was fine, my piercings were all in, and my converse were loose and untied like i had left them. No skateboard, no backpack.

i cursed in Japanese. That backpack had thousand-year-old coins i hadn’t cashed in on yet.

My ears picked up on other bickering in the room, and, as i pushed my way to the bars, i saw everyone around me. a couple of cages were empty, and i was on a stacked one, opposite of a floppy-haired guy spouting nonsense, a little kid who looked like he was going stir-crazy, and a handsome boy with glasses.

“((Okay, not doing that))” i whispered in Japanese. ((this means Japansese)) {this means spanish} [[this means russian]], “((just gotta pick this lock and get outta here))”

i glanced at the lock, then cursed again. What was with my potty mouth today? i was trying to do a cleanse.

“Hey wait! Look at her, she’s awake!”

another curse. UGH!

I yanked at the cage door and just about screamed. i needed to get out of that cage before i did something i knew i shouldn’t. I fumbled around in my hair for a pin, and when i didn’t find one, i tore open the hem of my shirt and let two little lockpicks fall out.


i reached my arm out, and shoved the picks in the lock, mumbling in Russian under my breath



i could've gone outside to take a walk, but i know that i wouldn't've come back

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