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Leon Fleming

@emberynus-the-dragonslayer @dakota

Me: Well I hope Abner heels all right. Haflin has been detained for a while. He was need in a story. 🙂

Would you rather have: all your friends and the world think you are evil while being good, or have everyone think you are good while being evil?

Athlanntier: The former. I could show them otherwise.

Iflanndier: True, true. The former for me as well. Is there a chorslaves anywhere?

Athlanntier: I don’t think they have those kind of drinks here. And it’s korslaths.

Iflanndier: Yes, well, that depends on your point of view. See, if you’re guzzling it down and you say its name, it will come out as “chorslaves”. But if you don’t it will come out as korslaths. I’ve only heard people say it while drinking.

Athlanntier: *head in hand*

Master Shiftha: Besides the unremote obvious.

Iflanndier: Aww, come on, Shifthan! You can say it! He’s just shy, everyone. (heh-heh)

Athlanntier: Yessss, it’s OBVIOUSLY the latter.

Master Shiftha: *exit stage left!*

Would your character rather lose their sight, their hearing, or their legs?

Athlanntier: The-

Iflanndier: -legs!

Me: Yeah, you’ve got to be able to see and hear when out on the open ocean, savvy?

Them both in chorus: Savvy!!

Would your character rather suddenly be able to play cello, piano, or flute like a pro?

Me: This really doesn’t apply to them-

Athlanntier: No, wait, what are they. Come on, you can tell me.

Iflanndier: Everybody knows what those are!

Athlanntier: Yeah, besides us…

Iflanndier: Yeah, you’re the walking dictionary. What does sarcastic mean?

Athlanntier: I don’t know. I don’t speak that language.

Iflanndier: Sure you don’t. Abner? All of everybody else? Is it just me or is this guy down, today?

Me: *sighs* Piano, for me. I already play it, but it would be nice to just go up and play out a really complicated piece like Liebestraum (in its full state) as if I were eating cake. 🙂