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Rainy Emily

“No, no, no. I’m back aren’t I?”

“Ooo. Fun.”

“This is not fun!”

“It sure sounded fun from your account after you calmed enough to stop cursing me for pranking you to tell us about it.”

“You didn’t prank me. It was all real.”

“I get to come this time!”


The darknesses faded and Erin could see now. Jackson’s dark eyes looked into hers.
“Where are we?” He asked, his eyes moving slowly around their surroundings.
Cell bars? Is this prison?

“I’m in prison again?” Erin stood and gripped the cell bars, her knuckles turning white.

“Wait, again?” Jackson stood also and turned around in a circle. “Is that Sander? Captain, look.”

Erin spun, her black hair twisted around her shoulder. A bench was positioned each side of the cell. A grey figure lay on one. “Sander?”

Jackson moved to the bars. “Gosh, it’s really cramped in here. If I can barley stand up straight, I doubt Sander can.”

“Maybe I can’t.” Sander pushed himself up and smiled at Erin. He pulled himself to his paws and stood. He ended up having to kneel, even then, his pointy ears still brushed the ceiling.

Jackson shook the bars. “Anyone out there?!”

When everything you touch turns to gold...