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Livi Ryddle


The first, on a whim wrote I,

Meant to prick and wet the eye,

Thought-provoking, it was meant,

To remind us all of those who went,

Left their loved ones and their home,

Perhaps never return, and die alone,

Far from their homeland, laid down to rest,

From lips of wives and mothers, they were blessed.

Though I believe that to war is wrong,

I realize it and the sorrow it brings along

Affects the lives of the ones left behind,

Their faces, Sadness deeply lined.

And the poem I wrote,

Perhaps an antidote.


The second poem, a self-portrait of

Myself, after the death of a character I love.

Thirteen and one-half books, three series, spent building my love and faith,

Only to have it broken, crushed to the ground, reducing me to but a wraith.

But at the end of book fourteen, he reappears,

Bringing me once more to my knees, and tears.

“A miracle!” his fellow characters say,

“And now, dear one, are you here to stay?”

If it be the author’s will, if it be, in his next planned book

(for there are too many untied strings for him to overlook),

To keep him from further harm and us from further heartbreak,

Then once more I shall sit, in bed ’til midnight, awake,

To finish the series I’ve put a bit of my heart in;

‘Trials of Apollo’ by Rick Riordan.


Quite savvy! Poems written on a whim quite often are the best ones 😛

(and just because I’m curious… Have you watched Pirates of the Caribbean, or do you just like saying “savvy”? Or both? (I, sadly, have not watched it, but I know a few good quotes from it. My favorite is probably “Nobody move! I dropped me brain!” That’s me pretty much every Monday 😛 ))

“Enough! Be quiet! I can’t hear myself think! I can’t hear my teeth chatter!"