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August Grace

Hello @shadowwriter161

So sorry for not answering sooner!

*Does happy wave back*

Haha yeah, I totally get what you mean. I love the fact that I can talk to other Christian writers across the globe!

Oooo! yes! A friend did tell me about The Homelanders and it sounds SO INTERESTING that I wonder why on earth the series is not on my TBR list.

Ahem, *coughs* ok. Technically I don’t have a laptop, but I call it a laptop. It’s an ancient tablet with now a new Bluetooth keyboard.

Seriously you won’t want to know the model, it’s that old. Plus it’s internet loading speed is as slow as a tortoise… I’m seriously not joking.

No, I wish I could say that we have Walmarts here in Aussie, but no. Is Walmart like a ‘we have everything from beauty to clothes to sports equipment and pretty much everything in between’ type of store? If so your Walmart would be like out Kmart or Big W. (yes I know, all our big stores have weird names).

Are you into any kinds of sports?

Aussie contortionist, acrobat, photographer, filmmaker, runner, musician and health fanatic.