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Emberynus The Dragonslayer

Would you rather be a cowboy (or cowgirl) or an astronaut?

Abner: umm-

Adair: he wants to be a cowGIRL!! I can see him now with PINK cowgirl boots and a PINK SPARKLY hat.

Judah: ummm. . . If you can imagine Abner in PINK boots and a PINK SPARKLY hat, YOU have quite an imagination!! Let’s see. . . A handsome, rugged, real broad-shouldered guy, with more muscle than I’d know what to do with, over six feet with scars on his face and arms and- PINK boots and a PINK SPARKLY hat? Ehh doesn’t really work for me.

Adair: *screams in anger* Judah you- you- it’s too bad the author told me not to say anything ‘offensive’!!! *Jumps up and, springing to the side of Judah’s chair, whips a dagger out of a hidden side sheath and holds it over his head*

Abner: *leaps to Adair’s side* Adair- no!! The author also told you- NO KNIVES!!

Adair: *very sarcastically* This a DAGGER thank you very much, but I suppose you wouldn’t know the difference.

Abner: Adair, please- don’t hurt Judah, just put it away and come sit back down.

Me: Listen to him Adair!! Put away the dagger. Hector stay seated!

Adair: I will if I want to and only then!!

Abner: *lays a hand on her shoulder* please Adair, you wouldn’t want to do this in front of these nice people would you?

Adair: *menacingly* Don’t touch me Abner!

Abner: Adair. . .  *Steps between Adair and Judah and lays his hand over hers that’s holding the dagger* please just give me the dagger.

Adair: *laughs* And have you run me through?? Never!!

Abner: Adair I would never do that and you know it. . . Please. . . *Looks at me for signal to use force* just give it to me.

Adair: fine!!! I’ll give it to you. *Throws the dagger into his arm*

Francis, Phoenix, Judah, and Hector: gasp

Me: Adair!!!!

Abner: *presses his lips tight together and flinches* Thank you.

Me: Hector, Judah, take Adair out. Abner darling, let me see!! *steps quickly over to him*

Hector and Judah: take Adair out.

Adair: *kicks and screams* let me finish him off!!! Why, when I’m about to kill him do I always get interrupted!!!

Abner: *looks after Adair* *sighs* it’s just a scratch.

Me: nothing doing!! Come with me!! @dakota I might need Megyn.

Francis and Phoenix: too disturbed to answer any questions.

Sold souls and dead promises

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