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*shadowy figure whirls around* YOU!!!! You had to ruin the moment. *Then starts laughing* LOL!! Don’t you just love typing errors? (But hey, it was typed on a phone!) LOL!

Well I’m glad you’re here!

*Sees @w-o-holmes and walks quickly forwards* Ah, you came! I’ll just quote holly anne’s original purpose statement that pretty much sums it up.

Hey all, So I’ve kinda been seeing a trend on here. It seems like every other writer is also very musical. So, if you are also musical, what is your favourite album/music to listen to while you write? Also, how does your musical side affect your writing? For example, with me, my music provides a whole load of inspiration for my writing and visa-Versa. It almost creates the world and scenery/setting/tone of what I’m writing. Good music is one of the things that makes me want to write, and also be able to put lots of feeling and emotion into my writing. So, I thought it would be interesting to hear what you all say!!! I’m gonna tag some of you all that I know are musical too… BTW, feel free to tag anyone else who you know is musical too 🙂

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