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Sam M

Would you rather die slowly of an incurable disease or be ripped apart by a savage beast?

Kaz: Seriously? Those are my options?!

Judah: I guess it would depend on the disease and the beast…I guess I’d probably go with the beast.

Lauren: Beast.

Jordan: I’d go with the beast. Then I don’t have to worry about infecting anyone else. I’d hate to start an incurable disease epidemic.

Kaz: *sighs* I kind of feel like having the disease would be better than spending my last moments torn apart by a monster. *glances at Jordan and the others* You know, assuming I didn’t transfer the disease to anyone else.

Dante: I’d take the beast. That’s way cooler. *Kaz rolls his eyes*

Would you rather be a cowboy (or cowgirl) or an astronaut?