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Livi Ryddle

@w-o-holmes Yes, please! Oh, you should try it sometime! It’s aMAzinggg 😀

(I’m gonna be maybe just a bit snoopy and weird here, but… I see you updated your profile pic. I’m assuming it’s you, unless you stuck a pic of a random person up there XD. And, acting under that assumption, here’s where the possibly weird part comes in… Your hair and glasses are really cool (also the picture in general is really cool), and you look like somebody I’d want to use as a character in some book at some point. Soooo…. if you wouldn’t mind, that is, could I like screenshot your profile pic or something to modify a bit as a character description? (It’s totally cool if you think that’s the weirdest question ever and block me (is that even a thing on SE?)))

I actually am not a fan of Chinese food. Idk why, I’ve just never really gotten into it much. I like Italian, but not Chinese.

“Enough! Be quiet! I can’t hear myself think! I can’t hear my teeth chatter!"