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@bigideaskc: What an interesting question! LOL I think you’ve already gotten all the answers you need on here… but I’m a HTTYD fan!!!!!!!!! *raises both hands* I love Hiccup so much and LOVE his character arc throughout the trilogy- especially in the 3rd movie. Stoic’s character arc is wonderful in the 1st movie, too. And Toothless is plain adorable.😁🐉 But I get where everyone else is coming from with the 2nd and 3rd movies being not as good… I mean, even if you watch, like, every Netflix series they have it’s always a ‘bad guy mistreating dragons’ ‘bad guy wants to establish their own empire’ ‘bad guy getting annoyed because the dragon riders are always thwarting their plans’ ‘bad guy does something to Toothless to trigger the 3rd plot point of series or movie’ ‘bad guy wins a few battles’ ‘Hiccup gets stressed’ ‘dragons win’. Has anyone else noticed that? LOL HTTYD is still SOOOOOOO good, though! XD

LOL! Yeah, there is a bit of a pattern, but I love the HTTYD series too! *high-fives you*

OKAY, enough of that… but a little thing I’m gonna throw in here… Idk but this has bothered me in my own stories (which normally come from an ancient fantasy era) where I need to tell the time. In my worlds, they don’t normally even have a time system (again, idk about in the viking era because they aren’t as interesting in history lessons as in HTTYD…🤣) But I like to use, like Josiah said, more of a ‘a little past noon’ or ‘lunchtime had just passed a few hours ago’ standpoint. I just thought I’d throw that out there. 😉

Perfect, thank you, @banana-peacock-warrior! 😀

I am definitely fan of HTTYD. Have you read the books?

No, but we just bought the first book a few days ago and I plan on reading it soon! 😀

It’s so cool that you write fanfiction, I’ve always wanted to try.

I think you’d totally rock it! 😀

As for the actual question, I agree with the “little after noon” standpoint. But, if you’re character is checking the time because they need to see how much longer they have before dark, I would just say that there was plenty of daylight left.

Makes sense, thanks SO much, @kayla-skywriter! 😊

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