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Kayla Skywriter

@embernus-the-dragonslayer Wow. I almost cried reading some of those most recent ones.

Would you rather die slowly of an incurable disease or be ripped apart by a savage beast?

Jayden, Jane, and Calin: *blanch and look to the floor*

Alex: Um… When did this get so dark?

Jayden: *pulls his head back up* What are you talking about. This is my level of dark.

Alex: Okay, disease. Jay, your turn.

Jayden: Um, beast. That way I can go down fighting.

Jane: *looks at Jayden* that was a lie.

Jayden: No, I’d chose the beast *blushes back to his normal color*

Jane: You lied about the reason. *looks at Alex* and you did too.

Alex: I presume you’re talking about me.

Jane: Yes

Alex: Yes, I lied. Moving on.

Jane: Okay. I’d rather be ripped apart. I want to see my enemy. Calin, what about you.


Jane: Cal, are you okay?

Calin: *sinks to the floor, rests his head on his knees, and hugs himself*

Jane: *kneels down in front of him* Cal?

Calin: I don’t want to talk about it.

Jayden: *kneels down too* that’s okay. You don’t have to.

*they all sit on the floor for a while*

How we chose to fight is just as important as what we fight for