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Leon Fleming


Alas! But that is one of the great ways of constructing anything of the poetical type! Keep chugging for the finish line! Don’t give up before you reach the edge of the pond! Leave the past and look to the future! Etc. Tec. Cte. Ect. Tce. Cet. …That’s right. Etc. How is the collage going? Difficult? Or time consuming and boring?

Um, yes it does. Is this a trick question? I mean, I was just wondering…That’s a great poem! (Sometimes I think I say ‘great’ too much!) without everything that is needed, all would be conceited. (When writing sentences in response to something or other.)

Hey! As long as it’s poetry then…and of course it’ll have to evoke and stuff…but, put it on here! And we’ll dissect it til you wish you never wrote it! HAhahaha!! *evil grin*

Pardon my misbehaviour, people. *walks off to get a snack and a pen**and a notebook and a hen**along with a cocoa and a bean**who’s name isn’t mean*

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