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K. A. Grey

Planting a Garden

Mommy and Daddy decided to plant a garden,

And they made me help.

I didn’t wanna help, and I told them so.

I said maybe we should harvest kelp

Like the people who live by the sea.

But they said no.

They never listen to me.


So we planted beans and tomatoes

and squash and cabbages

and cucumbers and peas

and eggplant.  I hate eggplant.

I said we should have planted potatoes

Because I like french fries.

But they said eggplant is good for you.

I said french fries were good for me, too.

But Mommy shook her head and Daddy frowned.

So I just began to dig up the ground.


And we planted ’em in rows.

“Keep those rows straight, son.”

And we watered ’em with the hose.

“Davy dear, don’t make mud.”

And we waited and we waited

And we waited for ’em to grow.


And we pulled weeds

And plucked the caterpillars off

And I put some down Mom’s back and on her hat–

But I got spanked for that.


And the vegetables all grew and grew

And they finally got ripe,

And I was so happy we didn’t have to

Weed ’em and water ’em anymore,

But then we had to pick ’em

And can ’em and cook ’em;

And then when that was over

I was so happy we were done

So I could get back to my fun.


But you know what my parents did?

After all that work for those vegetables,

After I helped plant ’em,

and weed ’em and water ’em

and pick ’em and can ’em,

You know what my parents did?


"Atticus, he was real nice. . . .”
“Most people are, Scout, when you finally see them.”

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