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Eden Anderson


Not at all. I just think that in a general sense, a lot of mental illnesses are caused by self-obsession. It’s a very generalized thing on a subjective problem, so of course it can’t apply to everything.

I agree. Thanks for clearing that up for me. 🙂

I’m not saying that Christians with depression, or anyone with depression is a bad person, or a lazy person–but we are sinful and can always improve upon ourselves. When we get caught in the mindset of depression, we become hopeless of the future, the past, and the present, and tend to give up on life a little bit. To get out of that, you must try everyday to get up and see past the depression and reach for a greater goal–the glory of God and the hope he provides

Well, said!

And don’t worry…you made sense! 😀 Thanks so much for being willing to discuss this with me…I know stuff like this can take a lot of energy and thought. ❤️

What are you personal opinions on writing mental illnesses into Christian fiction?

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