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Chelsea R.H.


has some great points! I’ve also completed NaNo twice and all the things she said have worked really well for me. I also tend to have a reward system in place. For example, when I reach 10k I buy myself a packet of lollies or a chocolate bar. And I do that going up 10k everytime, until I get to 50k when I buy myself an album.

Also, being able to clear out your schedule as much as possible really helps. I understand that you’re (probably) still in school, so you obviously can’t get rid of that, but clearing out other things such as Netflix, Pinterest, YouTube, pointlessly hanging out at the mall with your friends…whatever it is that distracts you the most. Of course, I’m not saying to completely give up on your social life or relaxation, but NaNo hinges on being able to make sacrifices for the sake of your writing. đŸ™‚

And finally, plan ahead! Even if you’re a super hard core pantser. Planning ahead is essential in NaNo.

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