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R.M. Archer

@corine I’ve finished twice. My first recommendation is to make sure you’re writing a story you’re passionate about. If you try to write something that you’re writing to finish rather than writing because you enjoy the story, it’s not likely to go well. (I speak from experience. XP) So that’s the first thing. And if you can work at getting yourself hyped up in the month or two leading up to November (whatever that means for you: making a playlist, making a Pinterest board, getting other people excited about it, getting pumped up for the competitive side of NaNo, whatever), all the better.

During NaNoWriMo, one of the most helpful things for me has been participating in word wars. I’m really competitive, so having someone to directly compete against and then encourage or cheer for at the end (’cause I also love to cheer on fellow writers and help them out) is super helpful for me. And it gives you an opportunity to just devote 10-20 minutes to writing and discourages you from getting distracted.

Another thing might be to plan rewards for hitting certain word counts, or to shift your mindset and think about it as a way to encourage other writers that if you can meet your goals then so can they, or maybe it’s encouraging to you to share snippets of your drafts and get positive feedback so you do that throughout the month… What helps most will depend on what sorts of things motivate you, so if you know that or can sort it out it’s a really helpful starting point. 🙂

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