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Erikk’s face flushed a bright purple tone. He was so hot, so thirsty. He had never felt like this before. Or at least, he couldn’t remember it if he had. He couldn’t remember much of anything though. All he could remember, or even pay any attention to was the ache in his chest. He continued his rapid wheezing, but he couldn’t seem to catch his breath. His lungs burned like they were being crushed by firey boulders.

Darkness was slowly clouding his vision. The darkness seemed to be suffocating him. He didn’t think anything felt real anymore. Erikk wasn’t sure what that meant, but for some reason, the thought terrified him.

Erikk tried to call out for help, even though there wasn’t anyone there. He couldn’t see anyone. Just the darkness.


Okay, so just so ya’ll know what’s going on, the first of Erikk’s many problems is that he is mega dehydrated. Next, he’s not getting enough oxygen because his lungs are majorly overworked. Because his brain doesn’t have enough oxygen he’s probably having a seizure. Whenever one of what Erikk is gets frightened they have markings on their face and limbs that bioluminess a vibrant teal color.

I actually want to thank you, Kari. I hadn’t realized how many problems Erikk would have if something like this happened to him. x3

If ya’ll can’t figure out how to help Erikk in time I have no hard feelings. *chuckles evilly*

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