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Knowledgeful Butterfly

Finley squinted at Eden.

“What do you mean?” she asked, not relaxing a bit.

“My father is the bad one,” Eden said, stepping towards her. She didn’t move, wanting to listen to what Eden wanted to say, and he continued, “I’m his child. I’ve been following you from when the Rebellion started. I’m Anonymous.”

Finley blinked, “You’re Anteros?”

Eden smiled, making his face even more handsome, “The avenger of unrequited love.”

Finley had had a open radio communication with Anteros when she found that Harley liked Avi and didn’t know that he was her brother. Anteros had been with her when no one else knew her pain of having so many things on her shoulders.

Struggling to connect things, Finley’s hands flew up to her temples. Her brain was throbbing, and she needed proof.

“Proof,” she said, her voice crackly and Eden nodded sagely.

“You had a serious crush on Harley before you found out he was your brother,” Eden said, smiling and Finley rubbed her head. She looked up at him and Eden’s clear blue eyes were wide with anticipation.

“You’re really Anteros,” she choked. The person that was really, truly there for her, was Eden. the next MonArc.

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