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Thank you so much for the list! She actually does have a soft side, and becomes a healer eventually(well, she’s still a warrior with impressive swordsmanship as well, but she becomes a healer to help her friends and new-found family since they all have a stubborn mentality when it comes to taking care of themselves…. let’s just say all my characters have issues), but it takes a while for it to appear in the story… due to her impressive shell. XD She’s my little turtle.


She’s a partner to my two guy MC’s and is mostly driven by revenge for the 1st half of the story, until she realizes that sometimes to help the people you love, you have to let go of selfish desires. I try to have a theme behind all my characters, and Vyrn’s is basically “I before you” or narcissism. She’s a representation of what selfish thinking can do to people, and how you overcome it. (I have a thing with weaving in themes….. it’s my jam. XD)

As for why she’s rash… like I said, she’s a representation of narcissism. But more than that, it’s her psychology affecting her decisions. She wants what she wants because she thinks what she wants is best for her, regardless of anyone else, and will therefore do whatever she wants to get it. She was raised to take what she wanted and then leave the rest, and after her mother was killed she’s wanted nothing more than to kill the man who killed her mother.


Wow, you’ve really thought this through! Thank you so much for this comment!

You’re actually right on her lacking emotional maturity–she’s the little girl who’s suddenly had a lot of responsibility and hate dumped on her. And I’ve always thought it to be funny how in books and movies characters seem to handle all their responsibilities so well. So I thought it would interesting to mess with that a little and show just how poorly most people actually would handle such things. She’s immature, and a bit annoying, but hopefully I can get her to change. Her arc is a positive one–I want her to grow. So she has to start out on a lesser side and grow to get to better place.

As for #1–she’s 16. Like I said above, she is supposed to be a bit immature…. but I need her to be a person that doesn’t stay immature, and actually tries to change. And I’m having a bit of a hard time hitting that balance.

#2–She’s a pretty insecure person, tbh. She was raised with one purpose in mind by her mother–to regain their ruler-ship over Eastrim(basically the eastern world). To do this, she was arranged to marry the heir to the northern throne and then work to regain control of the east over time by usurping the standing government. She adored her mother for being a very capable rebel leader and strategist, considering her to be a great woman. And when she was killed by the Emperor and Vyrn was forced to go into hiding, everything in her world changed. She was raised to think like a queen–she doesn’t have “every-day survival” skills. She’s got court skills, not people skills, she’s got a good education and is “book smart” but that doesn’t exactly transfer into the real world. As for the insults–she puts on a front to appear strong, so things like people calling her a whore wouldn’t necessarily affect her as something like insulting her direct skills would, because she’s been raised in a way that it’s ingrained into her mind that only those skills matter in the long run, because they are what will help her achieve her mother’s goals. So her mental or physical skills being insulted is much more insulting to her than her purity is, if you get my meaning…. it’s more a state of mind. Her goals are all that matter, and her skills are the things that will get her there. Things like purity and honor don’t necessarily matter at the moment because they aren’t something that can necessarily help her reach her goals, in her mind. (Not that that’s necessarily true, that’s just what she thinks.)

#3 She’s a great strategist, as well as an apt fighter(though she’s not as physically strong as a guy, and she fights with a rapier rather than a broadsword because she can’t lift one[those things are heavy!]). Eventually, she also works to become a healer.

#4 Once you get past the really defensive and harsh shell, she’s actually got a really compassionate side, especially for people who are hurt. But it takes a while to get past this shell because she’s been told that people are almost always lying to her by her mother, and that the only good you’ll get from most people is to use them to gain success or power. She was on a ship for most of her life, and therefore away from anyone except the crew, her mother, and her butler dude, so she’s also not the best at talking to people, which makes her pretty insecure when trying to have an honest conversation with someone.

#5 Her arc is a positive one. Like I mentioned above, she’s kind of a representation of what narcissistic thinking does to people, but I’ve never been one for sad endings. She’ll eventually realize that people are more important than revenge and her wants, and work to become a healer to protect her friends and family. In the post-book life, I’m planning on her possibly opening some sort of orphanage for war orphans or helping villages in poverty because of the wars. XD The problem really is just getting her to the point where she starts to change–she has to start off in a bit of a bad place, and I don’t want her to be too annoying and obnoxious before we get to good part. *sigh* It’s a struggle lol.

Haha, I reallllllly hate it when people try to show a “girls rock, boys suck” mentality through female characters. It’s incredibly annoying and one of the reasons I rarely read female POV’s outside of the Christian fiction circle. Representing an idea or belief or political view is one thing, but just trying to shove it down my throat is another.

Ha, a jackhammer possibly. XD


Haha, same problem here, only with girls! I think her sarcasm with actually tone down a lot once the book goes on, since it’s mostly a defense mechanism since she’s so insecure. Which is good, because while I love a good sarcastic character, the way she is right now is incredibly annoying, even to me, and I wrote her! XD


Lol just let me know.

Thank you so much for the tips! They’re really helpful. That’s actually what one of my guy characters was like when I first started writing him–he was pretty much sarcasm and nothing else. As I went on and got better at writing however, his personality has completely switched around to a really quiet and sweet dude. XD It’s pretty funny when I look back at my early writing and I’m like “who is this person?” And then I realize it’s him.

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