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Eden’s head jerked up as a little girl ran through the staring contest between him and Finley.

“Gwyneth!” she called, but Finley’s body seemed sluggish and pained, so Eden caught the girl as she ran past.

“Let me go, mister!” the little girl called, but Eden spotted a man with a cane coming towards Finley with a worried expression. That was her father, then. Eden dropped the little girl to the ground and the father was just able to grab her shoulder before she ran off. He looked like a doctor, with the lab coat and stethoscope.

“Hello, sir,” Eden said, “I’m Eden.”

“Ignore him, Doc,” Finley said, acid in her voice and, even though she looked weighed down by injuries, the warrior scared him a little with her voice, “he’s a snake.”

“Miss Finley, you have to believe that I didn’t do any of the awful things that the MonArc has done,” he said, “That was my father! I just aged to the point that I have to be in the media. Think. Finley,” Eden continued to beg for his cause, “Do I look like the man that stole your family away from you? I was your age when my father did that! And I wasn’t even on Ship Mecca!”

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