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    I wouldn’t say you can do it better, it all depends on what you are wanting to talk about. Like, if you’ve ever read The Wingfeather Saga it presented to me the idea of how God can take something broken and make it beautiful. I was able to see redemption in a new and beautiful light. Or The Seventh World Trilogy and Narnia helped me to see Jesus in a different light. I think through fantasy you can take a concept and put it in an entirely new and foreign light that then made sense after you remember the big picture and reality. I think it also has to do with the person who reads it and how they take it. I know for me, I’ve been impacted by fantasy and sometimes when I’m struggled remembering Aslan’s gentleness is what helped me to remember that God loves me even when I feel like he can’t. So, if historical fiction is what has the most impact on you, that’s great! Non-fiction is what impacts my mom, and that’s wonderful that she can be encouraged by that, but I know that it’s not what has the strongest impact on me. I wouldn’t say so much that it’s a matter of what is the best, I think it’s more of what is the most powerful to the person, so we need all different sorts of stories. 🙂

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