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I. D. Triskele

    The Executive stood at the large glass wall that looked out over the field where his sphere currently sat. He stood with perfect posture, his hands in his pockets, his eyes closed. The room was silent, absolutely and completely silent. The kind of silence that most had never experienced, the kind that would drive a human insane, this was true silence.

    He liked this kind of silence, or rather he basked in it. A clock hung on the wall behind him, only it did not tick for it had no hands. It served as a reminder to him that man’s worst enemy was time and he had conquered it.

    He sucked in a quick breath, breaking the silence, and his crimson eyes opened as he breathed one word, “Tyler.” The boy had managed to break the link. Tyler Mathus was free.

    The silence once more filled the room, until the corners of his mouth pulled back in a smile as he released a slow chuckle. This was going better than he could have ever expected.



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