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I’ll let you guys add the nightmares for your characters. Compliments of Sandman.


“Where do we want to go, daddy?” Gwyneth asked, sitting down beside Marnin and Finley.

“We shouldn’t go near that scene,” Marnin said. “Finley isn’t in shape for fighting and I can’t. Plus I don’t want to endanger my baby girl,” he rested a hand on Gwyneth’s head. “But I think I’ve figured out Sandman.”

At Finley’s inquiring look, he smiled a little at her before continuing.

”I’ve asked myself, why would he bring together so many people, from so many different worlds or timelines.” Marnin frowned, touching the cane to the top of his nose in thought. “He could want to find a worthy opponent, but why bring myself and Gwyn? From that video there could be others who wouldn’t even stand up to this sort of power.”

”I think he’s interested in people,” Marnin twisted the cane in his grasp. “He just wants to watch how we react to different situations. He wants to study us like….”

He stopped with a choking gasp as everything around him went dark. He was standing? Why couldn’t he see his feet. Limping forward he stopped as a beam of light called him forward. No. How had? The Sandman.

There was the slow steady beat of hospital machines. His Gwyneth in the bed. The heart monitor slowing down. She reached for him, her small voice barely whispering his name before she closed her eyes. For the last time. The monitor stopped. His worst nightmare. Tears built in the corners of his eyes as he watched, helpless.

The scene faded.

“Go to these coordinates,” Sandman appeared suddenly behind him. “You’ll find friends. You’ll find me. Don’t and well, let me say I’ll bring a certain small girl’s fears to life.”


”Daddy?” Gwyneth nearly screamed.

Marnin jerked, blinking as he found himself in the helicopter again. Shaking himself, he wiped the tear away before his Gwyneth could see. She was safe. It was only just a nightmare.

“I’m alright, just thinking,” he waved, wondering if his sorry excuse would pass with Finley. “Sandman wants us to go to this place,” he rattled off the coordinates . “He said we would find friends, but also him.”

“Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.

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