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Ariel Ashira

@lin I think you are right on.  This is on of the main reasons I decided to write his-fic instead.  I personally feel making up God in a different way is too dangerous ground for me to walk on.  I dont want to be condemned by God someday because I led people or myself astray by the way I portrayed Him.  There is one WIP I have that is “fantasy” that I am writing with a ten year old boy, but the only reason it is called that is because it is set in a made up kingdom, although it is still in the laws of the real world and in every way is made to be reality.  We just are not writing it historically, although we incorperate a lot of historical elements.  But God is the same God in it, we even quote the Bible – and there is no magic, made up fantasy creatures, things like that.

But God is so holy, to be honest, I’m not even sure if we should do this. I don’t think we should be making some kind of religion in a fantasy world because we’re afraid to leave God out. Isn’t that a dangerous thing to do?

I really liked that part!  Its so true.  Thank you for having the guts to just say so.  Sometimes I feel really discouraged because my friends write fantasy, fan over Narnia, and you kind of have to be a loner.  Nice to know these thoughts are not entirely my own.

And really, there are so many benefits and awesome things about his-fic!  Some seem to look at it as this awful genre you cant have fun with.  Not so! @selah-chelyah

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