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    I don’t think there needs to explicitly be a God figure in every story. My goal in my writing is more of to write stories that challenge the many common assumptions people have about life in this world (i.e. that money/romance/science/whatever idol they have will make them happy or solve their problems) to encourage non-believers to think deeper and hopefully realise that there is something greater they are yearning for.

    What is more important to me is that there should be an underlying morality in our writing as Christians (that shows goodness as good and wickedness and wicked) and a sense of meaning and hope in that even though terrible things happen, everything is according to a higher plan (which, since it is our story, refers to our plan so we are the ‘God’ of our story world… but since we as Christian writers who have surrendered our writing to God it actually really refers to God’s plan???) 😛

    Anyway, here are some ways I have come up with to have a ‘God’ in my story. Let me know what you think.

    #1: Have a human character in your story sort-of-but-not-really represent God

    To give an example, I have a lawyer/detective story idea where the main character, as a law enforcer, takes orders from and is answerable to an authority figure. The authority figure is a human character with a personality and backstory and all but for the purpose of the story, whenever my character talks to the authority figure, she is speaking to ‘God’ and because of their supervision, she has to conduct herself properly, perform her duties diligently and make sure she does justice in her work. In a similar way, we have to be obedient to God and we are answerable to Him.

    #2: Present God in god

    This is a more controversial method because it involves the borrowing of the beliefs that other religions/myths/legends have about ‘gods’ (e.g. the Greek gods are very powerful but are heavily flawed and their abilities are limited in some ways and it is possible for humans to outsmart them) and then throwing them under the bus to show that God is so much greater. For example, in one of my stories I have again sort-of-but-not-really presented God as a divine genie that grants ‘wishes’ to people (based on the belief in many Chinese societies that if you have enough good karma/pray long and diligently enough, the gods will answer your prayers) even though He warns many of them that what they ask for is foolish. Various people, thinking themselves as very wise and smart or underestimating the power and danger of the ‘God’ figure, make the wishes anyway or try to destroy the ‘God’ figure to no avail. Through this, I hope to show the might and power of God over man. 😀

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