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Theresa Play

    @selah-chelyah, first might I say I love your signature

    Anyway, I absolutely adore the Melanie Dickerson fairytale retellings set in medieval Germany and England. Have you read those? I also enjoy Tess Afshar books, particularly the one about Lydia from Acts. Those are my main source of historical fiction, though there are a few others that I read every now and then.

    For non fiction There is C. S. Lewis’s books (Grief unobserved, Mere Christianity, another that I can’t think of). There are also the autobiographies of Katie Davis Majors that I read often, as well as a lot of missionary stories.

    What about you?

    "My prayer is that when I die, all of hell rejoices that I am out of the fight."
    - C. S. Lewis

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