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I. D. Triskele

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    Aiden glanced after Vicq before facing David once again. Growling deeply, he charged the dark-eyed young man. David swung his scythe as Aiden leaped up, blocking the scythe with one foot while lashing out viciously with the other. His hightop converse slammed into David’s chest, knocking him back a little. He recovered quickly, throwing a vicious strike at Aiden’s chest. Aiden flipped over the shadowy blade and slid between David’s legs. His wings snapped out, catching his opponent’s shins and faceplanting him in the grimy cement. Boosting himself off the ground, Aiden aerialed onto his feet. He cracked his neck, his crystal blue eyes glowing with an unearthly light as he roared at the furious David. He didn’t have to defeat him, he doubted he could. Whatever entity that possessed him was powerful. All he needed to do was distract him so the others could figure out what to do next. He raised his claws. Your move, he thought.

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