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Veraza Winterknight

Ooh. In that case… *rubs hands together gleefully* This’ll be fun.

(On a side note, I just realized Saria and Valkor still don’t know they’re supposed to find Sandman. *shrugs* Oh well, they’ll live.)


Hildan sighed. If the dragons were sacred, how come they were just let loose on whoever came over here??? He was starting to think the city would’ve been the better choice. Of course, then the people currently in the city would’ve had to fight the dragon so… he sheathed his sword. The past was past and nothing could change that. He needed to focus on the present.

He grabbed John’s arm and yanked him into a run before letting go and catching up to Phoenix and Carmin. “Head for those hills! Probably better hiding places!” He made a slight gesture to some hills covered in flowers off to the side.


Lights flashed on some of the buildings next to them and an image winked to life. The Shadowstrikes immediately looked at it, trying to figure out what was happening and how it worked.

Then they realized who was being shown. Saria inhaled sharply and Valkor hissed. They waited till whatever it was ended, then looked at each other.

Forget Rodolfo for now. We’re going after them. Him. Valkor was tense.

Saria nodded. My sentiments exactly. The twins turned, nodded to Jefe, and took off at a run, headed for a building a few streets away. They entered it, and ran up the stairs, ignoring the startled people inside. They got onto the roof and scanned the area.

Nothing even remotely like the terrain in the picture thing. Saria frowned.

No, but that might be a bridge over there. Let’s head that way. Valkor pointed, Saria nodded, and they left the building.

Then they took off running again, headed for the possible bridge in the distance, going as straight as was possible through the winding streets of the city.

(If any of you want David/Nemesis/Aiden/Vicq/Calla to run into them or vice versa you can do that.)

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