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April J. Rhys


Thank you very much! I really like your username. My pastor would often use the phrase “selah” in his sermons. 🙂

I have not done Cover Story, but it sounds really good. (But then again, everything Mr. S makes is good.) YES. If you like Cover Story, do OYAN. I would recommend OYAN to anyone who is serious about being a writer/filmmaker/storyteller no matter what age. And yes! I went to one summer workshop and two winter workshops. Some of the best weeks of my life. 🙂 When I have my own money, I want to go back again. Have you been?

I will be glad to look at your novel! I still really enjoy a good historical fiction even though I write fantasy. History inspires me so much. I hope to write one his fic before I die. XD Like I mentioned to J.A. Penrose, I have a queue of stories waiting to be read, so I am /not/ a fast reader, unfortunately. But I can add you. 😉 Thanks for the invite! If you aren’t too busy, would you be interested in swapping? If not, that’s a-okay.

~To Infinity and Beyond

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