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Marnin glanced worriedly at Finley, wishing he had some way of restoring muscle control to her. Gwyneth continued to sing sweetly, despite the situation. Looking up he frowned at the doctor and the man calling himself Sandman. The twins seemed to be striking some sort of deal with the doctor. They had serious problems. Starting to get up, he winced as his leg locked up. Pain spasmed down his leg and he ground his teeth, eyes glazing over for a moment. Shaking himself he managed to stand upright.

“You call yourself our host,” he directed his words to Sandman. “Does this mean you’ve gathered us here for a reason?”

“Yes, I control this world,” Sandman spread his hands. “Though some of you are being quite intriguing. A wonderful thing to study human nature, isn’t it, Doctor?”

“Not like this,” Marnin shook his head. “If you can control this world, can you separate us from those three over there?” He lowered his voice.

“I can,” Sandman smiled. “If that is what you want. But there’s a price.”

“Scarlet, What are you eating?” ~ “Ghost peppers...” ~ Robin sighed.

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