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I. D. Triskele

    Aiden rushed forward, dodging blades, spears, and clubs as he weaved his way through the mob of battling soldiers. His breathing hitched, his vision taking on a chilling thermal blue tent as he ducked a battle ax and ripped the soldier’s chest open with a single swipe.

    He broke into the clearing where he spotted Vicq being held by a large man. Her former alpha, he thought as he rushed forward, his breathing now coming in growls as he bent low. He leaped forward as his midnight black wings snapped out, thrusting him forward as he flew towards the large alpha.

    In one smooth and incredibly fast motion, he sank his claws into the man’s outstretched wrist causing him to release his hold on Vicq’s hair, just as he collided in full force with the alpha. The tumbled backward, Aiden working around and managing to toss the other man one more time, placing himself between the alpha and Vicq.

    Aiden slid to a stop, eying the large alpha as he attempted to recover. Without taking his eyes off of the alpha, he carefully walked back to where Vicq lay sprawled on the ground. He kneeled next to her and checked her pulse. She was breathing, that was good.

    His eyes flashed brightly, this overgrown dog would pay for what he had done. He stood and moved towards Kuma who did the same. “Whoever you are,” Kuma growled, “you just made a big mistake!”

    Aiden smiled, his fangs filling his mouth, “I am Aiden and she’s in my pack now,” he replied calmly. Kuma chuckled, “That’s where you are mistaken, boy. She’s mine, she always has been and always will be! I am the Alpha!”

    Aiden lowered his head, his father’s blood growing hot in his veins. His eyes flashed with the brilliant blue light that had made many a man shake with fear. “That’s where you are deceived” He growled as his ears grew to become pointed and small black down feathers lined the tips. “All dogs think they are alphas,” he cracked his neck as black glossy fur ran down his arms and back, “until they meet a wolf!”

    He roared at Kuma with all of the strength and majesty of a true alpha. Kuma returned his own deep-throated roar as they both charged, colliding in a flurry of claws and fangs.

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