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Knowledgeful Butterfly

Vicq squirmed in Aiden’s grasp, “Let me go,” she rasped, “I’m fine.”

He tightened his grasp on her, not letting her down and reminding her of what Kuma would do when they got back to a battle. She tried harder to get away from the new Alpha as Calla and him turned around. Finally, her feet dropped to the ground and Vicq was able to snatch her sword back from Calla. She blew a sigh out, “I’m fine, just tired. Let me be, Alpha,” she said on purpose and turned to exit the alley.

What she found in the exit made her stop in her tracks.

“The Battle of Emberblast,” she breathed, stepping into the soft grass. She dropped the heavy sword and let the tip drag into the grass as she inched forwards into the battle. Vicq dodged every swing as if she had memorized them all and made her way to the epicenter of the battle, where a man was waiting with a woman–a satyr really.

“Miranda?” Vicq asked quietly, “You’re not supposed to be here. You’re supposed to be with Pilot up on the bluff.”

Miranda lifted up her rose steel longsword and pointed it at Vicq, “You killed him,” her friend said, voice full of malice. The other person, a man with dark grey hair, advanced on Vicq with a frown on his face.

“Kuma?” she asked, voice breaking. The man’s lips came up and he snarled at her, making Vicq startle back. Kuma grabbed her hair.

“You betrayed the pack siding with the People of the Kingdom,” he growled, pulling her up with a fist. Kuma shook her violently and Vicq could hear popping in her neck as her mate pulled her up higher into the air.

Big tears ran down her face and she cried out, “I know! I know I did!” Vicq’s voice was raw, “I know I killed Pilot, I know I betrayed the pack,” her voice cracked, “I know.”

i could've gone outside to take a walk, but i know that i wouldn't've come back

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