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Calla caught the sword, “I know, I know. I’m looking.” As they walked further away from the main road, the alley gradually became less and less like the high-tech city’s main road did, and more like backwards Ayera. Calla stopped suddenly. She knew this alley. They weren’t in Ayera, she knew that– Ayera wasn’t bright blue, for one. But– Calla frowned. or was it?. This alley. She had been here before. It was the alley to her uncle’s house. “I– can’t go down this alley.” She said.

“What?” Aiden asked.

“I know this alley. It’s an alley from my home city. Except.. it’s not. This isn’t Ayera. I’m sure.” Calla sighed, “I can’t go down it– It brings back too many bad memories.” She turned. “I’m sorry. This is probably Sandman manipulating me– us.. But I just can’t.”

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