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Veraza Winterknight

Hildan sighed. Of course someone was going to ask that. “Unfortunately, I don’t really think we have one right now beyond finding Sandman.” And now he had to come up with an indepth plan. That would be difficult considering he had no idea what any of these people could do or what the environment would be like.

Then the whistle girl spoke again, “I can help you guys. I have a spell that can find him but it takes a lot out of me.”

Hildan cocked his head, considering. “We should probably save that as one of the last resorts. Seeing as he said we’d have to kill him to get out, if it exhausts you you should save it so that if we can find him by other means you’ll be stronger. I can come up with a plan. First you all need to tell me what you can do. Skills.”

"You can dance with my henchman."

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