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I, David

1. I think you handled it well. I loved how the story started, and you kept the character’s motivations and feelings balanced  just right throughout the whole thing.

2. Probably, but I can’t put it to adequate words, which means you did a really good job and there’s no need for critique here from me.

3. It was an incredibly solid read, especially for a one-shot. Way better and more interesting than even some published bokks I’ve read. Outstanding work, Scarlatte.

4 and 5. You handled both of these very well. You gave us good exposition and history whilst avoiding heavy info-dumping and name-dropping, which is a huge success. The people were also very imteresting, and I definitely want to know more about their story.


Lastly, I echo 5oup in saying, “Yay, I’m a ‘writing bud’!”, as well as noting that the theme of ghosts was clever and intruiging.


Ghosts/10, want to read more.


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