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I. D. Triskele

    (Okay, time to tie up some loose ends and get to work)


    Flowers are so beautiful. The young man ran his hand softly along the petals and smiled. In all the places he had been he had never seen anything quite as beautiful. He straightened up and glanced around, spotting his mission. He slipped on his glasses as he walked up to the boy, “Derek? Derek Steel?” The hooded boy turned, “yes…” he said uncertainly, “who are you?” The tall young man smiled, “I am known in many realms as the Traveler.” Derek studied the Traveler uneasily as he continued, “It is time for you to go home.” Derek’s eyes widened, “Home?” The Traveler nodded, “you have fulfilled your purpose here and it is time to leave. We don’t have much time,” he glanced at the sky and then down at his U.T.I.S.M., “If you would, please close your eyes and count backward from one hundred,” he said, looking up at Derek. He nodded and closed his eyes. The last thing he felt was an odd tingling feeling as they both vanished from sight.


    The Traveler stumbled a little as he landed. He straightened his coat, he had forgotten how brutal traveling to the outer realms could be. The dream induction didn’t help anything. He stepped forwards towards the dark clothed figure that he was here for. “Arc.” The snowy-haired young man turned, a look of knowing on his face. The Traveler grimaced, this was going to be a little more difficult. Arc raised an eyebrow, “yes?” He smiled, “I know this all seems very strange at the moment, but basically it is time for you to go back to your world.” Arc snorted, “Eh, what?” The Traveler shifted his weight, “look, just close your eyes and count backward from one hundred.” Arc chuckled, his hand moving to his katana, “Yeah, right.” The Traveler slipped on his glasses and grinned, he loved slow learners. He stepped forward and pointed behind Arc, “hey, Finley just winked at you.” Arc turned just as the Traveler’s fist shot out. Then everything went black




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